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Looking For Your Results?

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About Coach B

Looking to access your results faster? Do you want to simple path that is step by step so you can gain more clarity and less confusion on what to do next in life? My name is Coach B and I have made it my business to help you get your Results while building elite Health so you can experience all that life has for you. Click “Work With Coach B” and fill out the short application with 100% honest about your current situation and we will have any serious conversation about you, your life, and your results. If you are good fit we will start working today that every day! 

Our What People SAY

B is someone I knew from High School who was always a hard worker. As the years went on, I saw that he continued with his hard work ethic and started coaching/mentoring. I talked to him about how to create a business and about personal training and he taught me so much in literally 30 minutes of our conversation. If you need someone who is humble, down to earth, but also knows what they are talking about to get you results with what you want to accomplish, then contact B. He won’t just help you, he’ll help you succeed in LIFE!!! 

Shaq Njovens

Athlete, Dancer, Youtuber, Amazing Human

Hey everybody, just wanted to let you know about my great results with Coach B. I have tried just about everything to lose weight and nothing seemed to yield fast results until I found out about the 15lbs in 15 days with Coach B. The program Introduced to me, was no sugar, no carbs, the Kangen water, and the one on one virtual coaching from Coach B. I have lost over 15 pounds since July 3rd and several inches off my waist, hips, thighs and upper body. In fact my results have so amazing that people have stopped me at work and asked what am I doing. I have also been using the I9 energy powder and I feel good and have sooo much energy! I used to chug coffee like crazy and put a ton of flavored creamer in it and didn’t have the energy I have now. Most importantly, what makes this program so unique from others is the genuineness of coach B and his wellness approach to total body fitness and spiritual fitness! 

Lisa Toland

Wife, Mother, Pastor, Entrepreneur, Amazing Human

Bertrand is a loving, charismatic human. He tells it like it is and is always striving for self-improvement. He wholeheartedly invests in others and works to support all in their endeavors. I am grateful that he shares my journey! (And “his power level is over 9,000!!!!!!”) 

Maria Shepas

Top Female Athlete, Amazing Human