4 Surreal Shocking Questions You Must Dare To Answer To Grow Closer To Your God

When I say God most people automatically think I am thinking about my own Creator. But I want you right now to do this little exercise. Close your eyes and think about your God. What will your God say to you when you die?

Will your God say you lived a life full of faith, trust, and personal relationship with them. Or did you try to do it on your own way never seeking power from the source that gave you your power?Click To Tweet

Here is just 4 questions to ask yourself

1. Who is your God?

2. What is your personal relationship with your God like look?

3. Do you believe on your own accord or is someone or something influencing you?

4. What Will your God say about you when you die?


I’m not here to change your God, but I’m here to push you closer to your own God. Somethings about life that are just unexplainable to the human basic brain. We are not just physical bodies here in this life, but we are spiritual beings experiencing this thing we call life thru this shell we call bodies.


We have to answer those unexplainable acts of life thru the God or Gods and or even Goddesses we believe in. Click To Tweet


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