12 Healthy Simple Habits You Can Start Today

1. Drink More Water

Your Body is 60%-70% overall water. If you are properly hydrated more than half the battle is won. And every day you can drink more water. Recommend you drink 2-3 cups of water at each meal.


2. Practice Cooking

Too much stopping and getting fast food. I know it is easier to stop and get a pizza or some fast food but adding 1 or 2 more cooked meals thru out your week will make a huge difference in your health.


4. Switch to Whole Grains Food

Ever eat and gain a rush or energy then as quickly as it came it all went away. Well, that is because you are eating too many simple carbs that turn into sugars too quickly and hit your body’s blood too quickly. When you switch to whole grains you will find your energy last longer too. So need more energy switch to whole wheat or whole grains like sweet potatoes, squash, or whole wheat bread.


5. Eat More Sweet Vegetables

Sugar is everywhere and in anything. We are all addicted some more than others. And why not satisfy your sugar cravings by eating more sweet vetgetables. ex. carrots, bell peppers, beets, and yams. (for examples)


6. Start Having Green Shake In The Morning

Eating vegetables is great but drinking them is quicker and give you all the benefits faster. Green shake are varies forms of blended vegetables into a liquid form that make it getting vegetables super convince and tasty. Start your morning with this and watch your energy and focus instantly change!


7. Limit Your Fast Food

We all know fast food is not helping you. With less fast food in your body you will be and feel less sluggish and weighted down. So start by cutting it down this week and will feel the difference


8. Practice Self-Care

No one will take care of you like you will. So each day take time to do something for yourself. It can be as simple as a bubble bath or buying yourself a gift.


9. Drop Toxic Relationships

No need to tell them why. Just drop those friends that are always negative and that don’t support your dreams. Even if you are in a relationship with a toxic person. Let them go and breathe fresh air again.


10. Walk 30 minutes daily

30 minutes is 1% of your day. And your bodies are meant to be moved daily. So a simple routine as walking can increase your healthy ten folds.


11. Pursue Your Passion

Not telling you to quit your job. I’m telling you to find something that you love to do outside of regular work. Something that you could do that you don’t need a dime to do. Something that you love to do and look forward to. This will help put you in a positive mind frame when you are having a hard or stressful day.


12. Take A Deep Breath

Take A BIG HUGE deep breathe and hold for 3 seconds. You are alive and smile and enjoy yourself today. FYI pull out that breath.


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