3 Simple Task You Can Do Right now To Dramatically Increase Your Health By 200% Right Now Without Changing Your Current Diet!

I bet if I asked you, how could I boost my health right now? You would or may even say get a gym membership, workout, run on the cardio machine, get a trainer, eat better food and I am here to tell you none of that can       help you boost your health right now like these 3 simple task am going to show you!


Switch From Chest Breathing To Belly Breathing


If you have ever played sports then you know the power of belly breathing to help you regain your stamina and energy rapidly. But for the ones that have not let me share with you other benefits of belly breathing which include but limited to increase in natural energy, reduction in stress, increase focus, increase awareness, increasae clarity, deeper sleep, and so much more desirable benefits.

You can easily switch to belly breathing by following these simple 7 steps. Even if you just take 3 deep belly breaths thru out your day you will notice a HUGE difference!


How to Implement: Start by consciously practicing to take 3 deep breathes thru your belly whenever possible .


The hidden power of water


Your body is made up of about 90% water and everything within your body are made up largely of water as well.

Brain 70%
Blood 80%
Skin 75%
Liver 68%
Kidney 80%
Muscles 60%

Water is the best source of hydration because it has a huge upside and no downside at all. Your body natural craves water more than anything else. Did you know that hungry feeling is actually your body craving water?


How to Implement: Stop drinking everything else but water and aim to drink more water than you did yesterday.

I know water gets hard to drink after a while so learn how to make plain water enjoyable to drink.


Who you be with?


Did you know the people you are connected with daily have a huge impact on your health. Let me share a quick story. Just this past week I was at an event with a couple of friends. I am excited, smiling, and cheerful as usually but then one lady comes and looks at me. She has this kind of mean mug on her face and tells me “You are too cheerful, it is too early to be happy.”

I looked at her and smiled and immediately walked away. Misery LOVES company and if I would have let myself stayed there she would of kept trying to knock me down to her misery level.

How many times have you been excited about something and someone close to you tries to make you feel bad for being excited?


That one friend that is always having a bad or if you have are having a bad day they always have a reason to take it further down?

Stay away from those people and get around people more optimistic people that are full of joy, excitement, and are emotional strong too. You don’t have to spend your precious time around people that will push your worth down and your health down.


How to implement: Do an audit of each person you spend a majority of time with. Ask yourself are the emotionally positive or emotionally negative? If they are the latter then drop them!


Just by implementing these 3 simple tactics you will dramatically improve your health and find yourself with more energy, clear thoughts, better days, and improve self-awareness, and sooooooooooooo much more!

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