4 Ways To Always Have Amazing Sex (Tag Your Partner)

Sex! Saying that word brings alittle of an uneasy around most people.

But for me it is my favorite topic because it is a quite delightful activity and everyone can have amazing sex.

Sex is not an evil taboo topic but it is the mixture of life, love, and connection at the greatest level.

Hint: that is how you got here.

Before you read on, let me say I believe truly amazing sex will come when you are committed and trust your partner.

Stop having “bust a nut” sex

If you rush sex and just want to “bust your nut” it will never be truly amazing sex. It will just be 2 people trying to get a dopamine hit a.k.a high. (Well more like 1 person will get it and the other will be upset.)

The Bible describes sex as “he went into her and knew her.” Meaning sex is about getting to know your partner. Amazing Sex is about both partners getting to know each other from the inside out. So take time and put your own self-desires aside and get to know your partner.

Do NOT rush Foreplay.. slow it down

The best T.V shows have the best build up to the final episode where everything is revealed and you are so excited to learn how everything ends and or does it continue. Sex is the same wayyyy!!! Stop just jumping to the penetration and learn to take your time and allow each other to build that sexually tension & sexually bond.

Foreplay is simaikar to the build up of your favorite movies or T.V shows. If it is done right you and your partner’s body will be craving each other in the most amazing way possible. Both of you will probably think the other invented sex.

(Men: if you do this right and take your time. It will NOT matter how big you are )


After Climax Sex… Keep It Going

Most people have sex then turn over and clean up and go to sleep (sometimes you don’t clean up and just go to sleep… smh you nasty ) Just because you cum don’t mean that sex is over. This is where you should slow it down and lock eyes and grab each other alittle tighter.

Your mind body and soul are natural tying together in the spiritual world. By being close you will feel the natural pull spiritual pull of your souls tying together in the nose beautiful way. It is not something that can be described as it is more of a feeling that is felt in the moment of the bond.

That bond will help the women’s body to natural remember the man’s body so the next time you have sex her body will open quicker and your pleasure will be heightened. After cumming don’t let go of each other but come closer and enjoy each other company.


Ask, Tell, and Show Your Partner

No one is a sex master and born with the ability to know what their partner likes and dislikes instantly. So tell them what you like and don’t like. The best way to know is what I call ask, tell and show. Ask them how you did, Tell them what you like and dislike and show them how to do what you like. Walk them thru the process for a fun date night.

Men I know you think she loves your stroke game and you are amazing but please please please my brother but your EGO aside and with her. Women please please please don’t let your man walk around thinking he is doing a amazing job when he is NOT. Tell your man what you like and how you like. This is how you help yourself from being sexuallly frustrated 24/7 and never having an orgasm until you cheat on your man… yes i went there

Amazing Sex should be a open flow of give and take, freely trusting your partner, vulnerability at the highest level, and open ask, tell, and show. Having amazing sex is possible for anyone, just follow what I wrote above and you will be on your way to having amazing sex with your partner.

P.S I truly believe to have the most amazing sex possible your must trust & be committed to your partner.

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