7 Reasons You Are Not Losing Weight (And How To Fix Them)

There are many reasons you are not losing weight but after working with many people like you these are the top 7 reasons I have come against over and over again.

Your Why Is Not Strong 

Before I let anyone become a client, I ask them what their “Why” is.

“Why:” The reason you want to do this.

What is your “why”?

Is it your birthday and you want to be snatched?

You want some quick results for the beach trip next week?


Are you tried of not being able to fit into your clothes?

Has your spouse started to look at you differently and want to get your sexy back?

Do you hate what you see in the mirror want to change it?

Are you tried of being fat, depressed, and out of breath when you walk up one flight of stairs?

Time and Time again the person that have a STRONG why usually always loses weight. But the ones with a WEAK why always never lose the weight and always fail.

What is your “WHY”?

Not Tracking Your Numbers

Numbers lie, people don’t . People lie but Numbers don’t.

Whatever that quote is but it holds true here. You may gain 2 pounds of muscle in a week, but your scale is saying you are heavier.

Well Muscle weighs more than fat and if you were tracking your body fat % you would of known that. Start tracking your weight and body fat% daily.

 Numbers don’t lie! The scale does.

You Are Drinking Too Much Sugar

When I tell my clients that their All Natural Sugar Laden Juices has the same sugar if not more than a soda, they dont believe me untill I show them the labels.

Notice the picture below of the all natural Naked Juice. It has 53 grams of sugar and no fiber. That means the sugar hits your blood stream right away and causes your body to store more fat.


Fancy marketing words get you to think it is healthier but they are not. So stop drinking them and switch to water.

Water has zero calories and your body is made up of about 60 to 70% water. When you stop drinking those sugar laden drinks and switch to water you may notice a significant drop in your weight quick.

Following A Meal Plan

I hate meal plans, because they take your power of choice away. You can only eat what is on the plan and you never learn to make the right choices for you.

Ones individuals reach their goal and don’t have that meal plan they blow back up because they have never made the right choices for themselves.

It is a viscous cycle of chicken, rice, and broccoli. You are not losing weight because you are not empowered on how to make the right choices for yourself and you are always in need of a meal plan.

Short Term Diets

Short term diets also known as Fad diets. They are a fad meaning good today and gone tomorrow. Yes, they may help you lose 10 lbs this week but what happens when you go back to your regular eating plan. You blow up back up because you can not follow that fad diet for the rest of your life.


Drop the fad diets. And make a decision to live a healthy new life.


The Wrong Cardio Routine

If you go to the gym and you run on the treadmill  for about an hour or two. Please stop you are not helping yourself. Fasted Cardio is a joke too. Research and science prove High Intensive Interval Training is more effective at helping you lose weight than your traditional cardio routine.

Switch to intervals on those machines.

Treadmill Routine

Sprint for 20 seconds walk for 40 seconds repeat for 15 to 30 minutes

If you are an outdoor runner then you can do sprint intervels too. You will cut your workout time in half, the fat will melt off your body, burn more calories and lose more weight in less time.

Sprint Intervals 

Sprint for 20 seconds walk for 40 seconds repeat for 15 to 30 minutes

Lack of Accountability

Left to our own vices we will always pick the easy route. When you have invested in a coach or a support community in place keeping you accountability you will tend to always make the right choices.

Also accountability is a great support system for the days you don’t feel like eating healthy, drinking water, or being active. We all need a little push and helping hand.


Ask your friends and family to join and support you!

Lack of Consistency & Commitment

Weight loss is not just a one week or one month routine. Weight loss has to be an all in! We all live in an instant gratification world where we don’t have to work hard and be patient for results.

 When you are consistency with your weight loss routine you will see huge results in a short time. That is why my clients are able to lose 5 pounds weekly instead of the standard 2-3 pounds. You are not losing weight right now because you have not been all in committed and consistent to your routine.

 4 ways to be consistent & committed

  1. Announced it on Social Media

  2. Find an accountability partner or groups

  3. Join my Free “Coach B Weight Loss Support Group” on Facebook

  4. Hire me as Your Coach.


(P.S Weight loss is 80% what you are drinking and eating and 10% Workout & 10% Consistency & Commitment) 

You may have many reasons why you are not losing weight and even special medical reasons which I understand. This message right here is for those that finally want to lose weight.

They don’t want to join another program full of promises that just end in frustration and then not fully achieving their goal weight.

They want to finally get those results. If that is you, fill out the form below. I’ll contact you and see if you are a good fit.


Fill out my online form.

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