How Lisa A Busy Entrepreneur & Mother Of 3 Transformed Her Body In Less Than 15 Days WITHOUT Her Ever Stepping 1 Foot In The Gym. (You Can Do It Too!)

Lisa Toland, mother of 3 beautiful children and wife to an amazing Man of God is undergoing an impressive weight loss transformation. So much so that her colleagues have said she is “disappearing on them.”

Hard beginnings

 Like most women battling weight loss, she was frustrated, unhappy, tried, and spending countless dollars on empty promises.

“It was a vicious cycle of starting a new diet and following it to a T. I would be so anxious before getting on the scale, because I was working hard and I just wanted the scale to confirm it. I would work so hard and only lose a pound or 2 from my hard work in a month.” -Lisa Toland

Like most of you reading this you are experiencing the cycle of trying a new diet full of excitement and promises and then failing hard like Lisa. And then finding another new diet and the cycle goes on and on and is quite frustrating, costly, and kills your confidence. It is a vicious cycle to break however it can be broken with the right guidance and plan. After hearing about other church members having tremendous results with Coach B plan. She inquired about it.


 “I wasted hundreds of dollars on programs and overpriced supplements that just didn’t work.”-Lisa Toland


However, a major roadblock was ahead for us. The both of us lived too far apart to actually train together in-person. As a result, she started in his 15 in 15 Plan. An exclusive program designed to help anyone lose 15 lbs in 15 days and jump-start their weight loss journey before joining his V.I.P Program. Lisa was able to lose well over 15 pounds while in the 15 in 15 program. Read & Listen to her results below



Listen to Lisa’s Powerful Personal Testimonial of spending hundreds of dollars, and trying all these fad diets that didn’t work until she found my 15 in 15 program and going from a size 16 to a size 10 !!!



Lisa and I have been training together for 4 months now and she has been able to go from 211 lbs to 185 lbs in record time. While dropping sizes in her pants, shirts (XL to M), hips, waist and “disappearing” as her co-workers would say. If you would like to work with us, and get results of your own fill out the form below.

[SPACE HIGHLY LIMITED] So here is the thing. I have some space opening up to work with only a select few of committed professional women. Fill out the form below. Be as honest as possible and myself or someone from my team will reach out. (P.S Don’t waste our time.)


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