Travis Chappell- How To Explosively Build Your Network Even If You Starting From The Bottom And Are A “Nobody”! CBE: 03


Travis Chappell- How To Explosively Build Your Network Even If You Starting From The Bottom And Are A “Nobody”! CBE: 03

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Travis Chappell went from a “nobody” to now owning a top 25 business podcast and teaching thousands on how to build their networks and build key relationships with high-level business professionals, entrepreneurs, influencers, and move & shakers of varies industries. He grew his own super deluxe network in just a 1-year time frame.


Some Hidden Golden Advice You Must Implement Right Now


Add Value Like Crazy: Look for opportunities and ways to give for talent, time, or skill sets while focusing on building a relationship

Give Value And Don’t Expect Anything In Return: Most people believe because I did this for someone. They owe me something but that is what Travis calls a “Covert Contract.”

Stop Old School Networking & Start Build Relationships (Share Beers As Well As Business Cards): Back in the day we were looking for business and for people to send us business instead Travis says “focus on building the relationship with people like you would at a bar.”

Network Intentionally: Make it a part of your life to go out and grow your network and meet new people.

Paying To Play On Purpose: Investing into a mastermind or a coach should never be about what can I get from them


Travis did share an urgent message you must follow when you are paying to play and that is shifting your mindset from what you will get from that investment to how can I build a relationship and what can I give to them. Travis talks about how he invested with a John Lee Dumas and was looking for ways to give value and be of value to John.

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Is this amazing or what… Travis went from hanging in the back of Thrive a huge global conference for entrepreneurs and knowing no one besides his wife and John Lee Dumas at the event… In just 1 year he is on stage winning the award for bringing the most people to Thrive. So if you want to learn how he did it and proven field-tested actions to take then listen to the episode now.

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