Supercharge Your Body With This Simple Powerful Morning Routine

My simple morning routine gets me LIT in the morning and energized. Try it out and I know you will love it.
Step 1: Hydration With Alkalized Water and Lemon & Real Salt
When you are sleeping your body goes into repair mode building your body back up. So it is using all the water & food from the day. That is why when you wake up your body must get back Water and essential vitamins and minerals.
By drinking this in the morning you rehydrate your body and priming it to start the rest of your day 😏
Think of this like warming up your car on a cold day.
Immediately when you wake up mix & drink 👇🏾
Alpha Spirit 
  • 20 oz of water 
  • Dash of pink salt or sea salt 
  • 1/4 of Lemon 
Boost Your Alpha Spirt By Adding 
  •  Apple Cider Vinegar
  •  Limes
  •  Ginger 
Step 2: Go Outside & Go For Walk   
Most of us work inside, sleep inside, eat inside so as a result, we don’t get enough sunlight, fresh air or just to view the amazing view of nature around us. I’m not saying you have to wake up and go on a serious 5 miles walk when you wake up. A simple walk around the block ones or twice will do.
The benefit here is not only getting Vitamin D but it is telling your body that it is time to wake up and get to work. Most of us work at a desk or computer and don’t get enough sun. So before we get swamped with emails and sales calls get some sun and get your body moving. 
Added Bonus make sure you go without your phone so you can focus on walking and give your eyes a break from looking at screens all day too. Also walk barefoot to help you get grounded to the earth. Grounding is an easy way of reconnecting to the earth’s electric field while you are receiving a host of benefits like boosted immune function, improved digestion, and rapid healing from injuries.     
Step 3: Make Your Bed
The 1st step to being productive is getting just getting your 1st task of the day completed. I know you have a long list of important items to do. But easy micro-wins in the beginning of the day gets you BIG wins later in the day.

Well…. that was easy right?

Actually, no easy is done and for something to be done you must do that work. So do this morning routine for a week because the first couple days you might feel a little weird changing your morning habits but trust me the micro-wins plus this simple morning habit will get you GOING!

P.S If you skipped to the end like I do on most blog post then keep reading…

Step 1: Hydrate with Alkalized water and lemon & pink salt 
Step 2: Get some sun & go on a walk
Step 3: Make Your Bed
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