Conversations You Should Have Every Week With Your Team

As a high performer, it is easy to keep yourself disciplined and in check. But ones you have a team that conversation and responsibilities are not just for yourself but for each member of your team as well. So now that you are a high-performance leader and with own your team. Make sure you are having these key conversations with your team weekly so they can keep unleashing the best version of themselves. As a team, you keep breaking new heights.

Beware of Social Media

In the age of cancel culture and social media keyboard warriors. Emotions may run high and cause someone in your team to say something online that is not in line with your company’s values. Make sure you drive home to your team that social media is a great tool but can cause them to lose their income and reputation. Whatever you post on social media make sure you would be able to boldly and confidently say those same words to that person’s face without any shame or guilt.

To ask themselves am I responding from my emotions or logic? When you are emotionally you may whatever to get even but the damage can never be undone. It may be deleted but ones it is online it is “there forever.” If you would be unhappy to show your legacy these messages then don’t post it at all. Remind them that they should put their phone down, clear their mind, walk away, and come back with logic. If they are still upset then walk away. I can ensure you no one wants their life destroyed over a 400 character post and stranger online.


Give Them Clear Direction And Attach It To Their Vision & Goals

Companies lose millions of dollars from employees because they are productivity while as work. When your team knows what they need to do, how they as an individual fit into the company’s overall vision, and how by doing so it will get them closer to unleashing their own most ideal life. Then watch out you have an unstoppable high-performance team on your hands.

Giving your team a clear direction for the week and what they have to do is not enough. You must attach their work for you to their own goals and visions. When your team understands that as they help you they are helping themselves as well. They will be more empowered to work longer hours and even pusher harder knowing each mental sweat will boost them just as much as it will help you.


Ask Them About Their Life Goals & Vision

No two people in your team will have the same goals and visions. So make time to speak with each team weekly for about 15 to 30 minutes. Allow them to talk about themselves and what they want to accomplish out in life. Ask them about their daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly goals. I highly encourage you to give them a paper and pen to write it all down as well. And make sure you take notes as well if they allow you to.

Most of your team will appreciate that you took the time to get to know them. Because at the end of the day they are all individuals, with different life perspectives and experiences. By having this conversation you may uncover other areas of their life that drive meaning for them. It is now your responsibility as a high-performance leader to help them tap into why they are not performing at their level.

Mental Health Is Just As Important As Physical Health

The world is constantly shoveling the idea of health in your team’s face. The ideal version of health for men is an unattainable Greek God physique in which and washboard abs that the whole community can do laundry on. For women is its tight tiny waist with a thick peach shaped butt and large breast as well. Not to mention women are constantly objectified and only validated thru some sexual ideology.

So as the leader keep this in mind. Make sure you are drilling home to your team that they should work out their mental muscles as much as their physical muscles. 1 in 10 men will experience mental illness but only less than half will ever ask for help because they don’t want to be seen as weak, crazy, and or different than their peers. 

Share your own experience with mental health. And encourage them to come to you if they need help. Always know you are just a guide to help direct them to more professional help. It is not your job to diagnose them but it is certainly your duty to listen to them, validate their feelings, and pass them to more professional help. Remember that mental illness is deep scratches that only the person dealing with them can see. The outside world only sees the results of them. Sometimes the results are not the best. That is why is it super important we always talk with our team about mental health and taking care of themselves.


Wrapping it Up

There are many key conversations you should have with your team every week. The only want to equip them with the much need skills to become high performers, as a result, become a high-performance team. Social media is not worth throwing your character and career out of the window so make sure they know it. By giving them clear direction they will be happy to know what they must do. When you attach it to their own vision and goals you empower to find why they must do it. Ones they dig deep they will naturally flourish for themselves and it will benefit the team. Drilling and doubling down on the importance of mental health. Anyone can seem or look happy while they are being destroyed on the inside because of mental health. Encourage them to speak up and guide to professional health. When you stack these conversations as well as other servant leadership qualities you will certainly unleash a high-performance team.  


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