How to create a Strategic Performance Plan That Builds Every Part of Your Business, Here’s How

Your business started as an idea. It has grown passed what you ever thought. Now is not the time to sit back but to jump ahead and create a plan. but not just any plan, a strategic performance plan that will yield you huge upside while preparing you for any learning curves of failure.


Evolve Your Vision


A vision is a foresight plan that is all about what you want to accomplish so you can move yourself forward. Because your business is part of you and not an extend of you. Naturally any personal accomplishments will be attached to your business as well. The most important items here is to build your own vision of what you want your life to look like in the future. And this plan will serve as a map that will you find your meaning, purpose and direction whenever you feel lost or like you have not been doing enough.


Your personal vision map should start with you writing about yourself in 3rd person and explain the type of person you are. Explain the type of house you have, the income you bring home, the net and revenue of your business.  Get into your main character attributes as well. What values do you hold as well. It does not need to be better but read it daily so you know understand if you are on your path or not. The more you read this daily the more you will be empowered mentally to get into your business.


Grow Your Energy


Vision is like gas for mind. But energy is the gas for your body. The body is your only vehicles in this world. You can get a new hip and knees, but overall your body must be weaponized for energy.  The best way to do that is to eat God’s food for 90% of the time and Man’s food for 10% of the time. God’s food is anything that can be grown and comes from nature. So no cans or packages. Man’s food is anything that comes from a box, package, and not nature. The number 1 killer of energy is what you choose to drink. So drink 1.5 gallons of filtered water daily.


You may think that is a lot of water but actually it is on the low end because you need to stop seeing yourself as just a high performer. You are an athlete. You actually a tactical athlete. You have to close deals, take meetings, jungle your personal life, make sure you workout, and on top of all that make sure you are developing daily. I forgot to mention that you have to be pay bills too. That sounds like a student athlete on 10X. Do yourself a favor and feed yourself God’s food and water. That will help you produce massive energy that will be able to translate into dollars. The more energy you have the more task you can complete.


Expand Your Connections


Everyone outside your organization will believe that your dreams are crazy. But you have to stay away from those people. You must connect with people that have crazier dreams than you. You must surround yourself with people that cause you push, dream, and run faster to your visions. This don’t mean you just connect with everyone. Look at your business and see where you are weak at. Is management, diversity, sales and employee morale?


Ones you figure out those weaknesses. Find the people that are the best at what you are lacking in. Be friend them and learn from them. Allow me to come into your business and train you and your teams. The best way to find those people could be a simple Linkedin search, Forbes, and Entrepreneur. Don’t forget to ask your current connections who do they know that can help you in those areas of weakness you have found.


Ask Your Employee


You can be the face of your business. But as it grows people will interact with your employees before they ever get to meet you. So it is important that the employees that will represent your business are taken care of and looked after. The best way to take care of them is to ask them this specific question. “What do you need to be successful at your job?”


Hear what they have to say and give them the grace to say it the best way they know how to. they are at the frontlines of your business everyday and they are the best people to tell you what is and what is not working. Warning to the wise. Do not just ask the high performers what they need but ask even those sub par performers. Leave your ego at the door and listen to what is being said. Do not try to defend your business or the current processes in place. Listen and ask for clarity when needed.


Wrapping it up


Your business is your baby. But more importantly you are the parent. So you are always looking for ways to grow your business. Having that evolving vision gets you meaning, purpose, and direction that will allow you to grow faster. By growing your energy the #1 currency to turning work into dollars you will be able to rapidly grow and expand your business.


Looking into your key weakness and finding the right connections that are able to turn those weaknesses into strength will cement your foundation and legacy. Lastly, speaking with your employees will give you insider knowledge to how everything actually rooms when it hits the real world. And you will be able to understand another critical part of your business that your customers deal with daily. With that insider information you can make the right choices, build the right systems, and the most simple processes. Another word to the wise do not wait to do this.


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