Surefire Signs There’s Disharmony in the Organization You’re Building

You just made the biggest decision of your life and that was to work for yourself. So you slave away getting all the right paper and investing thousands of dollars. You finally have a real company with real employees, profits, and clients. You are proud to talk about your business and even your family respects you, finally. However, keep your eyes and ears wide open for these signs that disharmony is about to sweep thru your company and destroy all you have built while slowly causing you to leak out on performance, profits, respect, and your legacy.


Too Many Chiefs Not Enough Indians

An organization must be lead by 1 united voice with 1 united central message that is pushed down. When you have too many leaders trying to spread their own vision and message the organization loses performance dramatically. 

To get your organization back have a team meeting and share the vision with your team. Make sure that everyone understands. For the “Chiefs” that don’t want to listen then fire them ASAP even if they are a high performer. A high performer that is not following the vision will cause more harm than good. A high performer will draw more of your employees down and crush your performance quicker than a bad business choice.


Your employees view the organization as a job inside of a career 

A job has a deadline attached to it. But a career is a place you see a future in and using your skill sets. You must want your employees to know that your organization’s vision aligns with their own personal life vision. And that by working at your organization they will accomplish their vision as well. 

Of course, it is not always sunshine and rainbows but they must look forward to going to work, seeing other co-workers, and sharing their experiences. More importantly, a career is part of their life but a job is a pit stop in their life. Disharmony will cause you to lose great employees and talent that would have wanted to invest their time into your company’s massive growth. So do you have employees that are seeing the organization as a career or a bunch of job seekers collecting a paycheck while seeking the next best opportunity?


Customers Are Last

The lifeblood of all businesses is sales. But the most important part of a sale is fulfillment after the sale. The customer is expecting to receive what they paid for. I don’t agree customers are always right but I do believe customers have many overwhelming options nowadays and if they choose to bring their hard-earned money to your place of business then give them what they paid for.

Your organization should consistently put the customer experience first because without them your company can not progress forward. The only reason your organization is as big as it is that your customers and if they are not being brought up consistently in thousands of conversations daily, then truly your company is worst than disharmony but it is failing.


You Are Not Stepping Up As A Leader

All these written above are simply fixes that require you to step up as the leader of your company and recognize that this is not what you wanted to build. And to take back control thru truth and holding people accountable. 

Because disharmony comes into companies that are lacking strong leadership, ethical values, and accountability. So it may mean you must stop growing and rebuild your foundation and values again. Ones you have solid foundation and values without disharmony you will be able to scale and perform twice as fast as well.


Disharmony to Harmony

Your organization is more than just your baby. It was an amazing idea that you took and build up. You have slaved away and finally built it up. Do not let your life work go down the drain because of disharmony. Fire those “chiefs” that will not fall in line and that are going to bring your employees down as well. They will kill your leadership structure and destroy your performance. Make sure your employees are attaching their vision to your organization’s vision as well. 

And finally, put your customers first again. Focus on not just selling them but give them the results they paid for. Disharmony is just a symptom that you are in full control of. Just by watching out for these and making solid choices, your organization will find harmony.

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